Decor + Design 2018 is shaping up to be a golden year for rugs, featuring a roll call of many of Australia’s leading companies. This includes Melbourne-based company Tribe Home, which will be showcasing a beautifully curated collection that delivers luxury through exceptional quality and simplicity. 

Founded by Tina Richards in 2010, Tribe Home places a significant emphasis on skilled crafts and trades, avoiding manufactured, structured looking pieces. The brand will be bringing some extremely special pieces to Decor + Design 2018, including examples of high-end Iranian rugs which can be difficult to source in Australia.

Vintage Iranian Rug, Tribe Home

Iran – historically known as Persia – of course has a rich history in rug making, dating back to the 5th Century BC. It encompasses myriad styles and techniques, although it has traditionally been associated with heavy pile carpets.

These particular Kirman carpets rank as some of the best in the world and are known for their high-density and high-quality wool. Kirman rugs range from 50-100 years old and have the ability to withstand vigorous treatments of washing and then over dyeing with fresh colours. Tribe Home have been lucky to establish a relationship with a contact in Germany, Karim, who is able to rework the traditional design and change its colours. Together they are bringing these exclusive, bespoke pieces to Australia.

‘Kirman’ Iranian Carpet, Tribe Home

Tribe Home are planning a tactile stand at Decor + Design, rigging the Iranian rugs from the ceiling and encouraging visitors to feel, plus find out more about sourcing the perfect “one off” for premium interior design projects. You can find them at the show at Stand D06. 

In addition to these pieces, Tribe Home works a lot with India, which remains its main source of production and manufacturing. They continue to collaborate with their manufacturers in evolving ways, inspired by global trends.

‘Starsky’ Rug, Tribe Home

The company have recently introduced some sculptural pieces that are made from beautiful yarns such as 100% linen and silk. This is the first time the brand has worked with this type of yarn, motivated by the ‘high and low’ designs they saw at the European fairs. This means the rug is cut into high and low pile to achieve its design.

The Starsky rug (above) is an excellent interpretation of this high and low trend. The Milano rug featured in the top image of this article is also a 100% wool rug in the high/low design.

In contrast, the Positano rug below is a hand-loomed linen rug that has a low pile.

‘Positano’ Rug, Tribe Home

Don’t miss the chance to see the Tribe Home collection in situ at Decor + Design 2018, 19th – 22nd of July, Melbourne Convention Centre! Register now to visit.