We’re all turning green with envy at Decor + Design, inspired by the gorgeous green hues that are sweeping both the catwalk and the interior design world.

From deep, thoughtful sages to jeweled greens that evoke luscious forests, it’s a colour that’s reflective of our collective desire to tap deeper into nature.

Listening to Natural Instincts

‘Biophilia’ is a term which describes the human species’ innate need to connect with nature and other living things. Biophilic architecture and design seeks to harness those elements of nature which enhance human health and productivity. Think lushly vegetated courtyards in urban hotels or kitchens with climbing vines and plants interspersed amidst the crockery.

Green is, of course, Mother Nature’s favourite shade of paint, and delicate greens add a wistful, ethereal element to design. International paint powerhouse Dulux have chosen a calm green as their 2020 Colour of the Year, the romantically named ‘Tranquil Dawn’.

The Dulux team consulted with a slew of expert judges on choosing the colour, including the former Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Decoration UK, Michelle Ogundehin, and Heleen van Ghent from paint company Akzo Nobel’s global aesthetic centre.

The judges considered the pace of technological development as we enter a new decade, and the prevalence of big data and artificial intelligence making human experience feel faster paced and more chaotic.

Dulux’s Colour of 2020: Tranquil Dawn. Image: Dulux

Tranquil Dawn’s green hue evokes calm and the natural landscape. It is calm and comforting, perfect for bedrooms or kitchens.

The tranquility of this colour ties in with the ‘Satori’ trend which was forecast for 2020 at Decor + Design by leading UK Trend Forecasters Scarlet Opus.

Satori is a Japanese word that means ‘seeing into one’s true nature’. It’s a discourse that runs through a lot of Japanese art, crafts and design, which are set to shine with the Tokyo Olympics taking place during Summer 2020.

At the heart of this aesthetic is a natural rhythm. The colour palette is restful, with the subtlety of green playing a major role in creating a sense of calm.

Green’s the New Star of the Show

From Zendaya’s ‘Poison Ivy’ dress at this year’s Emmy’s, to Jennifer Lopez’s incredible turn at the Versace Spring 2020 fashion show, green is the current star of the show.

Jennifer Lopez at the Versace 2020 Spring Show. Image: Women’s Wear Daily

The Peyton Sofa by Diane Bergeron for Arthur G

Filtering from the catwalk across the fashion world into interiors, green is having a serious moment, from signature pieces such as the Peyton sofa from Diane Bergeron for Arthur G (left and above), to room accents in the form of cushions, rugs and detailing.

We’ll be keeping the Decor + Design community up to date on colour trends in the lead up to next year’s show in Melbourne, 16 – 19 July.

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