Are you thinking of a unique design theme for your bedroom? Explore the modern-retro style. As the term suggests, this is a combination of present influences and past design elements. A modern-retro home can have vintage twist with a funky pop art poster. What are the fundamental features of a modern-retro style? These are bold and vivacious colors, patterns and prints, geometric shapes, and textures.

Here is a list of modern bedroom ideas with a retro-style twist.

Go bold or go home

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With the right color theme and furniture pieces, you can turn your bedroom into a gorgeous retro wonderland. You can combine striking hues with zinc-toned bights for a perfect mix of being bold and contemporary. Check out your nearest home depot for a guide to this modern-retro palette: Hot-n-Spicy, Sunset in the Desert, Regal Bearing, Shady, Landing, Casa del Mar, Eye of the Storm and African Mud. An element of wood in floorings or furniture pieces add warmth and comfort to the modern-retro theme.

Fun and wacky geometric shapes


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If you’re considering the modern retro bedroom design, don’t forget an important element: fun geometric shapes. You can paint your wall with different patterns or lay carpets with geometric forms. Add furniture such as lamps in abstract forms to complete the modern-retro vibe.

Time travel with retro patterns and prints


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The retro-inspired interior design has transformed over the years. It also varies per culture and personal taste. Imagine Andy Warhol’s pop art, French art nouveau, and Italian vintage. Regardless of the core retro theme you choose, don’t neglect the basic elements of this design. Incorporate checkered patterns, paisley prints, and other funky shapes. Need an inspiration? Take a tour back to the 80s—the design, fashion, and music.

Retro chic with copper


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Are striking yellows and screaming patterns too much for you? You can bring modern-retro to your bedroom with the simplistic yet posh elements of copper. Copper works perfectly with white, marine blue, and canton palettes. Hunt for modern-industrial chandeliers that will complement the vintage elements of the room. Use block colors on the wall to allow your patterned carpet or rug to pop out.

Minimalist modern-retro


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Do you need minimalist modern design tips with a retro twist? Think about your favorite 70s French films. Go black, white, and gray with your bedroom furniture, beddings, and décor. If you have a bookshelf, arrange the books in a way that their binders face the wall for a monochromatic effect. You can also cover your books with paper of varying shades of white. Don’t forget the black and white poster that will enhance the overall French art look of your bedroom.

Retro furniture focal point


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Modern bedroom designs with a retro twist are all about colors textures and patterns. Your choice of furniture pieces depend on the degree of boldness you’d want to go for. The most common textures for modern-retro include smooth plastic, soft vinyl and crushed velvet. You can purchase a dazzling chair or sofa as a focal point of your bedroom design. Check out bed furniture available in Darwin.

Lift your bedroom design with pop art


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When one speaks of retro art, pop art instantly comes up. According to British art charity Tate, pop art is an art movement that emerged in the 1950s in Britain and reached its peak in the 1960s in the US. It “employs aspects of mass culture, such as advertising, comic books and mundane cultural objects.” The most prominent of this art are those created by Andy Warhol in the US, and Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp and Kurt Schwitters in Europe. Integrate retro art into modern bedroom ideas by mounting poster of pin-up girls, comic book artworks, and various photos of kitschy elements from any culture.

Funky modern retro decor


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The term “retro” is frequently used to refer to things in the past, regardless of the period. A modern-retro design theme is the infusion of past and present design elements. In her book, Retro: the Culture of Revival (2006), Elizabeth E. Guffey wrote that “the concept of nostalgia is linked to retro, but the bittersweet desire for things, persons and situations of the past has an ironic stance in retro style. Retro shows nostalgia with a dose of cynicism and detachment.”

In designing your bedroom, you can add any décor that exudes feelings of nostalgia such as childhood photos, your grandparents’ vinyl collection or vintage travel posters. You can visit antique shops or the flea market s for souvenirs you can use as home decors.

Embrace your yesteryears by decorating your bedroom with modern retro colors, textures, and furniture pieces. Display old photographs and memorabilia’s. There is always something good in reminiscing the past.