The zeitgeist has woken up to how important sustainability is when it comes to furniture design. The world is overflowing with stuff. If we can continue to find meaningful ways to re-purpose that stuff when nobody wants it anymore, we might just make the world a better place, as well as create truly unique pieces of furniture with history.

Furniture company d-Bodhi is doing just that, with its stunning range made from reclaimed teak. d-Bodhi was founded ten years ago in Singapore, with the intention to harness the power of reclaimed wood. Over the last decade they have established themselves as important players in eco-friendly furniture and are stocked worldwide by a network of partners.

d-Bodhi Australia will  be launching at Decor + Design this July, which takes place at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Australia’s No.1 Interiors Event, Decor + Design is co-located with the Australian International Furniture Fair; together they are attended by 11,000 trade visitors over four days. d-Bodhi already has an exclusive agreement for some of their collection with Nick Scali furniture but will be looking to establish new connections with retailers across Australia.

d-Bodhi’s aesthetic is diverse but united by the thread of industrial minimalism that runs through their collections. Their furniture is inspired by Dutch design directives –  simple, yet powerful and sophisticated.

Desk and Chairs from the d-Bodhi Tuareg line

Desk and Chairs from the d-Bodhi Tuareg line

The rough, pure materials that are used – mostly reclaimed teak – are uplifted by sophisticated design and emboldened by straightforward iron frames. The contrast between the iron and historical, character-filled wood has become d-Bodhi’s signature.

Inspiration for the design of the pieces often comes from the materials being used. As they have been repurposed from previous functions, they often have a very particular look and feel. d-Bodhi’s designers creatively interpret each piece to find an innovative new life for them. Using reclaimed ‘leftovers’ means that the design team needs to think boldly.

d-Bodhi’s launch at Decor + Design this year fits in well with the theme of the Australian House & Garden/Decor + Design International Seminar Series, which is ‘Awakening: Conscious Design’. The Seminar Series will bring together design leaders from around the globe to talk about how they design for longevity, while incorporating sustainable practices.

d-Bodhi is the epitome of conscious design in their approach, which is reflected in their zero waste policy. Even cutoffs of the reclaimed wood are used and sawdust is processed.As well as using reclaimed wood, d-Bodhi strive to make their production process carbon neutral by planting trees in collaboration with the Indonesian-based NGO Trees4Trees. So far, they have planted more than 50,000 trees, which are not only providing oxygen for the planet but also job opportunities for local farmers and communities.

Australian retailers and consumers are in for a treat when d-Bodhi releases their collections at the fair in July. Next to their top-selling collections – Tuareg, Fendy, Urban and Pure – they are also bringing the cleverly designed SHELFMATE to the market.

The SHELFMATE concept is based on five modules (or ‘shelfs’) that allow composition to be adjusted to fit different spaces. With the sophisticated frames juxtaposed against the stunning pieces of handpicked reclaimed wood, the shelving system is a beautiful solution for all kinds of walls. The whole system is extremely user-friendly – delivered in reusable boxes along with a cool instruction video that shows how easy it is to hang the shelving installation. For retailers, SHELFMATE includes a gorgeous shop display; it’s a unique concept which will be sure to make an impact on antipodean shores.

The d-Bodhi SHELFMATE collection

The d-Bodhi SHELFMATE concept shelving

Being new to the Australian market, d-Bodhi is looking forward to presenting their unique aesthetic and values to the visitors at the Australian International Furniture Fair. Trade visitors are sure to be impressed with the unique, handcrafted nature of the d-Bodhi range.

This is certainly a company with more than one string to their bow. Besides furniture, they will also show wall decorations made from skillfully-folded reclaimed paper and eco-friendly hand-woven baskets. They’ve also developed wine racks – known as the ‘Drinking Mates’ – that fit perfectly into the SHELFMATE system.

“We have always loved Australia but so far we’ve never found a good time to properly introduce our brand in the land Down Under. We feel however that our furniture and our message are very much in line with the Aussie taste and mentality. This show gives us an excellent opportunity to meet the retailers. This personal contact is important for us, especially because we deliver not only quality products but also a message and an emotion. We are very much looking forward to matching with the right partners and bring trendy and eco-friendly furniture to Australia!” – d-Bodhi

d-Bodhi will be at Stand C01 of Decor + Design from 20 – 23 July at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Register now to get your free trade entry to the exhibition and buy tickets to the Australian House & Garden International Seminar Series.