A focal point is the first thing people will notice when they enter the room and it should be something amazing and beautiful. There are so many different ways to create a strong center in your living room but you need to be careful not to overdo it. Keep in mind that you need to find a balance between style and comfort and create a warm and inviting place your family will enjoy. The main aspect should definitely be something you like and think it needs to be pointed out, but don’t forget about the functionality of the room. Everything should work well together without creating a mess and improper balance with too many elements crammed into one place. When you start making plans about what you want to accentuate, always follow your instincts and decorate in accordance with your own personal style.

Fireplace for comfort

A nice fireplace can boost the look of your room and be that instant change you need to achieve a specific interior style. If you’re one of those lucky homeowners who have the luxury of owning a fireplace, you should make it stand out. Many people like to hang their family photos or different memorabilia and that can be a great way to display your most valuable belongings. Besides that, it’s a great conversation starter when you have people over.

Moreover, you can build a custom fireplace mantel and emphasize the shape and design of your most valuable home addition. Make sure your fireplace is actually working because there’s nothing better than getting around the fire and listening to wood cracking and enjoying that soothing effect fire has on people. Not only will you give your living room a breathtaking addition, but you’ll also create a comfort zone for all the family gatherings and dinner parties.

Be bold with lighting

Lighting can be a great way to emphasize a certain part of the room, but sometimes the lighting itself can be a great centerpiece. One option is to add different smaller lamps and create a nice balance in the lighting spread throughout the room. You can play with different types of bulbs and levels of shades which will create a lighter effect on people sitting in your living room. Another option is to use a big lamp or a breathtaking chandelier and work the rest of the design around these elements. Having one big lighting element will immediately keep the focus of the room on your lighting source so be sure to find a piece that’s really amazing.

If you like to have everything under control, you can add a pair of two matching lighting solution and create a nice and balanced focus that will be split into two centerpieces. Just be sure to install them close to each other and thus avoid splitting the attention to two different parts of the room. This will distress your room a little bit and separate your focal point into two different zones.

Play with rugs

When it comes to placing a rug, sometimes more is definitely more, and it goes for both functionality and style. Layering rugs can give your living room an additional depth and a new look in a split of a second. This is also a good way to introduce colors and patterns intopurs your home if you’re afraid of experimenting with some bolder choices and different elements. To be sure you’ll do everything right, choose different floor rugs that have a common pattern, color or style, and place them on top of each other. Many people use this trend to play with different types of fabrics and connect elements in the room.

With the constant rise of the vintage and modern trends, this can be a great way to combine different types of rugs and create a perfect balance between something traditional and modern. Don’t just use one type of fabric, but play with different ones in order to create a more interesting design. There’s a variety of natural materials that are always welcomed, and they come in all shapes and sizes, so try out different shapes to create the perfect combination.

Built-in bookshelf

Avid readers will love this idea, and it’s surely something everyone should think about including in their living room. These days bookshelves are not only for books, but also for displaying some decorative elements and more people are starting to include this trend into their homes. This open storage space is perfect to mix books with all those elements you want to display but don’t have a place for them in the room. You can play with arranging your books by colors and adding some contrast to the décor this way.

On the other hand, you can create a mixture of your favorite books and pictures and show your family history with some memories from your childhood. Add some travel memorabilia next to the books you bought when you were on a holiday and create a story to remind you of those good times. Add mirrors and other glass items to create a reflection which will be even more noticeable once you add some lighting.

Accent a wall

Paint one of your walls in a bright and bold color is amazing, and although that may seem like the bravest thing in the world, be prepared for something more than that. To accentuate your walls, you can use a patterned wallpaper and cover one of them in a design you think will work best with the rest of the room. However, if you want to go all in, add wood panels or bricks, and use them to cover one of your walls as this unusual design will certainly be something that will lift up the overall design of your room.

Apart from that, many people like to include drapery to bring out a sense of nature in their home. You can play with different fabrics and colors to achieve a depth and warmth in the room. Of course, the safest way is to add different frames and display your favorite photos. If you don’t like that idea, simply print your favorite artwork and enjoy some of the most picturesque pieces on your wall. You can even find a theme and make everything in accordance with the design you chose for your living room to prevent mixing too many different styles.

Picking a focal point is not an easy task considering that every corner of a room can be transformed into something eye-catching. This is the first thing your guests will see when they enter the room, so you need to make it both attractive and functional. We all have a certain style and you should incorporate yours into creating a focal point – keep in mind that interior design project is more successful if you give it a personal statement and create a design based on your style. Just be careful not to create a cluttered place and make a plan before you start any major projects. In the end, you can always change something in order to create a more balanced space and a design you’ll enjoy. There are many options to choose from, so start by finding the best layout that will make all your dreams come true.