There is something deliciously primal about the deep, rich scent of wood. A scent that can be so uniquely Australian and triggers long-buried olfactory memories. Childhood walks weaving among the Eucalyptus that define our country with their ghostly, questing fingers; the crushed leaves of which climb into the nostrils and cling with the promise of summer. Or the musky smell of a camphor wooden tea chest loaded gingerly to ships by great-grandparents from far-flung countries, packed with delicate china coddled in tissue paper.

It is a material that triggers the senses like no other but that also must be handled with the respect it deserves as one of our oldest and most prized natural resources. A new generation of Australian furniture makers are dedicated to sustainably sourcing local materials and using inventive techniques to make beautiful bespoke products. The Australian International Furniture Fair (AIFF) is delighted to present them as part of a new feature within the show: AIFF Loves Homemade. Take a quick guided tour below and register now to visit Decor + Design and the Australian International Furniture Fair, 21 – 24 July in Melbourne.

Felix Furniture – AIFF Loves Homemade, Stand No. ALH6

Felix Furniture is a Melbourne based business that specialises in creating bespoke, high-quality furniture. Their signature exposed plywood edges lends to an overall minimalist effect; they aim to push traditional perceptions of plywood to a point where the simplest of forms become designer chic. They also actively support Australian based and owned businesses, with all pieces designed and made in their workshop using sustainable materials.

Felix Furniture
Beeline Design – AIFF Loves Homemade, Stand No ALH5

Beeline Design is the vision of wood artisan Adam Brislin. They create beautifully designed handcrafted furniture from unique Australian timbers and  offers its clients individual pieces of furniture that will be enjoyed by generations to come. Their collection includes stunning designer tables, cabinets, furniture and other finely-crafted items from some of Australia’s most amazing and beautiful hardwood timbers.

Beeline Design Stamp
Lui – AIFF Loves Homemade, Stand No. ALH9

Luke ‘Lui’ Rogers is a Geelong-based designer who continually experiments with design to produce exquisite pieces, merging fine art practice and furniture design. Lui’s philosophy is simple. To create inspiring and sustainable objects and artworks from simple and agile forms that draw influence and reflect his cultural insights.

Coogee Outdoor Table - LUI. Steel Tub + Blackbutt Wharf Deck
Tim Sykes Design – AIFF Loves Homemade, Stand No. ALH10

Tim Sykes Design brings a new look to old materials. Specialising in custom made furniture and design. Quality timber furniture that will last a lifetime. Based on the Mornington Peninsula, Tim’s passion is creating pieces from recycled timber that he sources from farms, old wool sheds and the piers dotted around Victoria.

Tim Sykes Main Image
Thunderstruck Designs – AIFF Loves Homemade, Stand No. ALH8

Thunderstruck Industries is a pioneering, world-first company which promotes a greater understanding of the way in which electricity impacts wood. All timber naturally contains different levels of acid, moisture and oxygen. They take timber slabs that would normally be discarded and jolt them with over 11,000 volts of electricity to create unique pieces of wood that can then be turned into incredible pieces of furniture. The wood also then holds qualities similar to a tree struck by lightning – it will never catch fire.

Thunderstruck Industries
Power to Make – AIFF Loves Homemade, Stand No. ALH4

Power to Make is a micro-manufacturing facility located in Preston, Melbourne. They capitalise on digital technology to produce highly crafted objects which are customisable and yet comparable in price to mass-produced items. They merge craft with digital process, making directly from digital model to physical object. This allows them to have continuous feedback between how the furniture performs and its aesthetic.

Power to Make