Stylist and writer Heather Nette King is known for her vibrant approach to colour and interiors. She is fascinated by the details of other people’s homes and how they live in them! Creating editorial features for well-known magazine titles and styling for Australia’s biggest brands means that she is acutely aware of the importance of showcasing products and brands in the most brilliant light.

Styling by Heather Nette King in Belle magazine. Photographer: Derek Swalwell. Client: McKimm Builders

Given Heather’s wealth of expertise, we’re thrilled that she will be joining the program for the Australian House & Garden International Seminar Series in 2019.

The theme of this year’s program is the ‘Global Village’ of design, exploring the impact of porous geographical boundaries on the industry. Heather will be breaking down the concept of Australian Style with Catherine Heraghty from The Stables on Saturday 20th July.

We took five minutes with Heather in the lead up to the show to discuss her inspirations…

How would you define your own design style/aesthetic?

I adore rich, deep colours, and moody, evocative rooms, and always feel happiest in rooms that have a mix of antique, vintage and contemporary pieces.  Add to that loads of art, books, flowers, curiosities, travel mementos and, of course, animals, and that’s pretty much me! Stark interiors make me twitchy – I love rooms to tell the tales of the lives of people who live within them.

Who are your own favourite interior designers?

I love the style of Melbourne decorators Roger Ward, Kate Challis, Chelsea Hing and Jessica Bettenay – they are all great with colour, and they’re are doing their own thing, not merely following trends. They are all certainly flying the Melbourne style flag high.

What’s the most-read book on your shelf?

My most read books are all garden books – one is The Traditional Garden Book by Graham Rose that I bought in the ‘90s, and still refer to.  More recently I have been obsessing over Gardens of the Riviera by Vivian Russell, as I’ve moved into an apartment with an incredible, exotic, 1930s garden. The mix of English French and Italian gardens illustrated are the perfect inspiration for the lovely, big communal garden that many of the residents here are passionate about nurturing.

If pressed, what piece of your furniture or home would define you?

Probably the bath.  It’s actually awaiting plumbing so I haven’t even soaked in it yet, but I have always been a committed nightly bather and I’m aching to get into it.  It’s a vintage French galvanised tub, set under a window in our bedroom – it just needs taps and a few grand worth of plumbing to get through some triple brick walls, then I will be in it ‘til I wrinkle each night.

If you could live in anyone’s house, whose would it be?

Mine – can I say that?  I’ve lived in many homes I have loved, one that I detested (a foolish, rushed real-estate choice). But this new home found our family at exactly the right time – we were not even really looking for it.  It’s exquisitely beautiful architecturally, and has an amazing social and cultural history – I still can’t believe it’s ours and I don’t intend to ever leave it.

You’ll be speaking at the 2019 Decor + Design show in July this year, in conversation with Catherine Heraghty on the topic of Australian Style. What else is on the agenda for you this year?

Lots and lots of shoots for my lovely clients, plus more writing gigs which I equally adore.  Styling and writing about people in their homes is a privilege I’ll never take for granted, and combined with copywriting for homewares brands, it’s the perfect balance for me. Hopefully I’ll also squeeze in a little trip somewhere too!

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