For an interior designer, arguably some of the less exciting elements to plan with homeowners are the “nuts and bolts” – for example, lighting, appliances and the sound system. However, these are fundamental elements that can make or break the ambience and turn a house into a home. The latter is often tacked on as an afterthought, when in reality music can be the alchemy that completely transforms the experience of clients.


Sonos PLAY: 1 range

Check out this recent study that smart speaker system designers Sonos recently conducted – the Music Makes it Home study. 30,000 people were surveyed in eight different countries – including Australia – and found that music played out loud in the home leads to stronger relationships, more intimacy, happier families and more quality time spent together.

Quite impressive. Even more worthy of plaudits, people who listen to music out loud together have 60 per cent more sex; although more than a third of music lovers would give up sex before music, according to survey data. After music was introduced in the home, 43 percent of participants reported feeling extremely loved, an 87 percent increase from before there was music at home.

Clearly music is a crucial element to any space! From a design perspective, the aesthetic of the technology is just as important as the sound it produces. Few homeowners are willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on speakers that aren’t guaranteed to stay relevant in both look and sound for years to come.


Sonos PLAY:1 range


Sonos Playbar range

Sonos has always been dedicated to creating thoughtful, timeless, and versatile smart speakers that integrate seamlessly in home environments without wires. They make a range of smart speakers and home theatre products to suit any sized room, and play from popular music services like Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and Pandora all controlled from a smartphone or tablet – and operate as a home sound ecosystem so that software updates keep the products up-to-date over time.

Perhaps most exciting for interior designers, is the software feature called Trueplay, which enables the PLAY:1, PLAY:3 and PLAY:5 smart speakers to be tuned for the best sound no matter where they are placed. No longer does the speaker need to placed where it would sound best – Trueplay enables a speaker to sound optimal from anywhere in the room.

So next time you’re designing an interior space, don’t forget that music might be the ticket to transform it into a home.

Sonos will be sponsoring the VIVID design competition at this year’s Decor + Design show in Melbourne. VIVID is Australia’s longest running design competition and a fantastic platform for emerging talent. As Mark Sehler, Manager, Marketing & Brand for Sonos in Australia commented:

‘Sonos smart speakers are modeled around timeless design, with great effort to ensure they blend seamlessly into home environments. We saw it a natural fit to support VIVID given the culture of innovation, creativity and inspiration showcased by local furniture creators participating at this year’s D+D.’

Register now to see Australia’s brightest design talent at the Decor + Design show, 21 – 24 July in Melbourne. Entrance to the exhibition is free for trade visitors.