Could your walls be the true window to your soul?

What you choose to look at every day and present as your own personal art exhibition to visitors is intensely revealing of your artistic proclivities. After all, no one – least of all Taylor Swift – likes a blank space. Luckily we have the solution for those in search of original and expressive pieces.

Decor + Design 2016 in Melbourne will feature some of Australia’s most exciting surface artists on WALL STREET, a specially dedicated part of the exhibition for buyers in search of unique wallpapers and artworks.

Artistudio – WALL STREET WS3

Arti is a freelance graphic/web designer, blogger, weaver and painter. Inspired by her childhood in the idyllic Blue Mountains and adopted home of glam-bohemian Palm Beach, NSW, she combines her background of graphic and design with weaving and painting, creating whimsical woven and macramé pieces that have a delicious whiff of 70’s chic.


Cathyann Coady – WALL STREET WS2

Cathyann Coady is a visual artist, whose metiers are painting, sculpture, video and installation. Her work exists on a fabulous precipice between fact and fiction, reality and illusion. Sophisticated in their conception and technical accuracy, they allow they eye to immediately notice what might have been previously ignored. Their strength lies in taking pedestrian objects, reinventing them and turning the viewer’s conception on its head.

CathyAnn Coady
Lisa Brummer Art – WALL STREET WS4

Lisa Brummer is a Sydney based contemporary figurative artist. Her background in fashion and design thrusts through in art, which is full of dramatic glamour and urban appeal. Her subjects are drawn from her travels in London, Cape Town, Malaysia and Sydney and is an exciting cultural melee. Exhibited commercially and residentially across the globe, see a preview of the works here.

Lisa Brummer art

Shazia Imran – WALL STREET WS6

Australian artist and sculptor Shazia Imran is best known for her delicate and multi-layered mixed media pieces. She draws her inspiration from her upbringing in Pakistan and the extraordinary light of her adopted home in Australia. She explores the facets of her subjects through watercolours, acrylics, and mixed media. Shazia has had several international exhibitions and has had major success at the New York art fair.


Gill Cohn Artworks – WALL STREET WS5

Gill Cohn’s work focuses on the connections between visual elements of the world, ambiguities as well as similarities of shape, texture and patterning…and the blissful artistic marriage of the two. She has an intriguing art practice, applying layers of bees wax, oil paint, monotype printed rice paper and then scraping through the surface to expose what lies beneath.

Leonie Leivenzon Art – WALL STREET WS7

Leonie Leivenzon is an intuitive contemporary artist. She works intuitively, beginning by making random marks using acrylic, spray paint, pastel, stencils and collage. She then works in layers until the painting reveals itself. This process brings a textural richness and depth to her artwork. She is particularly interested in the connection between energy and emotion and being able to communicate these through painting abstracts and using minimal lines to express the human form.

Heart Ethical – WALL STREET WS8

Heart Ethical are a talented New Zealand outfit that specialise in bespoke textiles and gorgeous wallpapers. Many of their designs can be customised with colours and scale. Inspired by the beauty of their rural locale to create stunning prints, they are also hugely committed to sustainable production – all of their products are printed on 100% natural fabrics & sustainable, eco-friendly wallpapers.


Martinich  & Carran – WALL STREET WS9

Melbourne based artists Rowena Martinich and Geoffrey Carran work both independently and collaboratively to create giant public murals and collectable artworks. Their collaborative projects marry their two diverse practices of vibrant Abstract Expressionism and Representational painting. Their projects often blur the boundaries between art and design with a strong focus on colour.


Kirsten Jackson Art – WALL STREET WS10

Melbourne-based artist Kirsten Jackson studied at the prestigious RMIT before launching a fulfilling art career. Her abstracts are full of colour and emotion, without self-conscious intention. To Kirsten, abstraction is a way of communicating the ineffable. Colours carry emotion, capture and reflect light. Kirsten has international standing and has held sell out shows in London and Singapore, and was also enthusiastically received in Hamburg, Amsterdam and Stockholm. She has featured in many magazines, including Home Beautiful, the Sun Herald and Modern Home Magazine.


To see our WALL STREET artists and over 250 other exhibitors from the soft furnishings, decor and furniture sectors, register now to visit Decor + Design, co-located with the Australian International Furniture Fair, 21 – 24 July in Melbourne.