Sustainability Hub


This year, we’re shining a spotlight on eco-friendly design, furniture and recycled materials, reflecting our move as an industry and society towards more conscious living.

Step inside the Design Matters National Sustainability Hub at Decor + Design and the Australian International Furniture Fair (AIFF), to expand your world to the newest in sustainability.

The Hub will showcase earth friendly building materials, biophilic beauty and on-demand sustainable interior/building design education webinars.

There will also be real life ‘Sustainable Shots’; short talks from notable building and interior designers, as well as home energy assessors who have built successful and award-winning sustainable design businesses.  Find out why their projects are considered award winning, unique, aesthetically beautiful, and sustainable.

Prepare to be inspired at Decor + Design and the Australian International Furniture Fair, 14 – 17 July at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre!